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Skald Egan

Admiral of the Island Nations

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Age and Birthday: born August 3, IS 388 – 62 years old
Appearance: tall, thick-chested, with powerful arms and legs for a man his age, Skald looks more weathered than old. His dark hair (with the trademark Egan family flyaway look) is graying just a little, near the temples, and he has the same strong eyebrows and penchant for the soul patch as his sons, like Ferid. Time and the sea have made him a bit grizzled, but he doesn’t bear many wrinkles for a man over 60. Because he is an Admiral, he wears a very brightly-colored version of the Obel marine corps uniform trimmed in gold, with gold and bronze armor, but with rather humble leather sandals and no headgear. When fully on duty busting pirates, he wears a big broadsword in a gold-trimmed leather scabbard, but for ceremonial duties he goes without a weapon, since his hands are big and tough enough to save him in a scrape.

Personality: like many of Obel’s royalty and command figures, Skald Egan is a reckless, boisterous, risk-taking man with a strong sense of adventure. He often sails at the command of the flagship Lino en Kuldes to root out pirates and make the merchant seaways safe himself, not content to leave it to underlings even though he may trust them fully. He would simply rather be swinging a sword himself, and is known to be fierce in battle – pirates fear him greatly. He will take chances, act on impulse, and disregard the orders or wisdom of the Island Nations’ maritime council when he sees a better way that might involve a little action or intrigue. Yet, he is also shrewd, and knows how to play diplomat when called for. He has a knack for convincing people (particularly his daughter Bernadette) to do what he wants them to do without actually telling them to do it. He is not timid or a coward by any stretch, rather, his wild, blustery approach is just his way of getting people to seek the more level-headed or subtle path themselves. He is loud and friendly, loves to have a good time, and loves his children deeply. His sense of pride and loyalty are very strong. He is usually grinning, though he does have a serious side and seems to always be one step ahead of everyone, knowing things before others do, and reading between the lines very well.

Weapons: two-handed broadsword, "La Mer"
Skills/Special Abilities: command (Admiral, highest ranking officer in Obel), strong in attack, vitality, and counterattacking. Diplomacy.
Other Abilities: skilled at persuasion and mind games; likes checkers and chess. And Ritapon, if potch is on the line.
Runes: Cyclone; Drain
Weaknesses: he can be a bit overbearing, and loud, and if people take his jokes seriously, he’ll go right ahead and do what he threatened to do so long as no one stops him, stupid idea or not. He has no problem ignoring authority (even when they’re right, or smarter) and sometimes his risks are a little too risky. His mind games with Bernadette sometimes border on cruel, though he doesn’t mean it – he simply doesn’t realize when he’s gone too far until it comes back to bite him. He’s a man’s man, and so doesn’t understand the finer things in life, and kind of doesn’t "get" women – how his wife puts up with him, no one can say. So, he can be a bit insensitive (it might be said he just doesn’t view women as any different from men, but that’s little comfort when he makes a girl cry or something). He’s all too happy to get drunk with his men, pull a prank, or something unbecoming of an admiral if he has the chance.

History: Skald Egan is Obel-born and Obel-raised, and comes from a family of mariners who have always served the royal family of Obel and the Island Nations. Yet, he was the first in several generations to ascend to a captaincy, and the first Admiral in the family. He became Admiral at the age of 40, after leading the Obel fleet in a spectacular charge against pirates who had infested the former Pirate’s Nest. It was the beginning of his reputation on the high seas of being an invincible pirate-killer. Meanwhile, he married a strong-willed, decent woman and became father to eight children, who he raised to be as independent and headstrong as he. Most followed in his footsteps, joining the Obel Maritime Fleet or becoming involved in Island Nations politics, except for his son Ferid. Skald always supported his kids’ right to make their own choices in life and be their own person, so he never had a problem with Ferid going off on travels around the world, nor with his desire to fight for the hand of the Princess Arshtat after meeting her. He may have missed Ferid’s presence around the Islands, but he knew his son had followed his own path, and becoming Commander of the Queen’s Knights in Falena suited him – it made Skald very proud, particularly upon hearing of his son’s exploits in the war against Armes. His youngest daughter Bernadette rose quickly to Vice-Captain, but because she turned out so serious and straightlaced, he always delighted in playing tricks on her to get her to acquiesce to his will. It was so that she made her own decisions rather than take orders from him, and he sent her with the Prince to Falena to assist in the Sun Rune War to encourage her to achieve things on her own, hopefully to get her out from under his mighty shadow. He had his own part to play in the war in Falena, as a diplomat and representative of the Island Nations. The Godwins attempted to form an alliance with him, but he kept the Islands neutral, refusing their offers because the war was an internal matter that had nothing to do with the Islands. He also sailed the Islands’ fleet in a bluff maneuver to get the Armes forces to fall back, without permission and risking everything to aide Falena just that little tiny bit. He knew just when to stop before it went too far.

Skald always seems to know more is going on than everyone else. He knew Georg Prime from earlier days as one of his son’s best friends, and knew that if ever Ferid needed someone to rely on, in tough times, it would be Georg. Thus, Skald stayed out of his son’s business and let him run his own life, even if it meant not being able to be there for him, and having to hear from long-distance that Ferid had been assassinated as part of the Godwin plot. He still trusted Georg, even if he knew or suspected what his part had been in the conflict. Because of his family entanglements, he had to keep a distance from the Prince also – his grandson – and he respectfully kept from mentioning that to the Prince at just the wrong time in his development as his country’s savior. When the war was over and Bernadette returned home, Skald did not change a thing about himself or his relationships, continuing to pester his daughter into taking greater roles of command in the fleet and enjoying the benefits of being a ranking admiral and ambassador to foreign nations. He always said he would never retire from the service or the sea, he would stop being Admiral when he was dead. Considering his health and strength at the age of 61, it seems likely he would be around for quite some time.

Not long after declaring Nelis and Yahr "lost" and ending the search for them, some of the Obel palace guards reported seeing strange lights around the ruins on the island. Between his boredom from being stationed on the island, and his natural sense of adventure, Skald decided to check it out himself, and walked through the rear entrance thinking he would come upon the mysterious heart of the ruins at the edge of the sea, but instead, the doorway took him to the green courtyard of Budehuc castle some thirty years into the future.